Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10- Eugene Emeralds

The Eugene Emeralds unveiled this bad boy last season as a tribute the school they share their stadium with, the University of Oregon Ducks. I was on the road touring the country when the hat was released and was lucky enough to pick one up when I stopped off in Eugene for a few games.

I have to say, I was quite impress by it, but what I always thought was really funny is that this was not their normal game hat, nor colors. The traditional colors of navy and neon green for the Emeralds never really sat well with me. I mean take the team name for starters: Emeralds. I’m no PhD laureate geologist, but I’ve always knows emeralds to be green. Keeping with this, Seattle, to my knowledge, has been known as the Emerald City for quite some time. While one could contest that the Emeralds have similar colors to the Seattle Mariners, I could also argue that the Seattle Supersonics were the dominant sports powerhouse, getting flashy with their green and gold uniforms. And so with that, I’ve always felt that the combination of those colors would have suited the Emeralds well.

As for the numbers; I didn’t really feel the need to throw any on. Since it was only a temporary hat, and I missed the games in which they wore the colors, I didn’t have a frame of reference to really know who would have been a good fit. So, blank it is.

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